Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Dubai

So you’ve finally set up your bedroom. The mattress is perfect, the bed and base are right for for the mattress, and your soft furnishings are pretty and attractive. There is only one thing that needs working on: lighting. Without proper lighting, it will be frustrating to do any task in the bedroom. Its lighting should be delicate and bright at the same time. It should provide enough illumination where needed and dim when a little less light is needed. Many home improvement stores in Dubai sell all the lights, fittings and fixtures you need to enjoy good lighting in the bedroom. All you have to know is what lights to install where.

For a start, you need central lighting. This type of lighting is responsible for casting light across the room and is typically installed overhead. It’s also referred to as overhead lighting. Take care not to install the lighting directly above the bed, as it can be quite disruptive when you’re trying to sleep but can’t switch it off because someone else is relying on it to do a different task in the room. It’s very important to have dimmers on your overhead lighting, for when you need to reduce the minimize the light intensity in the bedroom. Task lighting is another crucial type of lighting for the bedroom. This kind of light is directed to a specific area, and is the best type of lighting to use in areas where you regularly carry out tasks such as the dresser, study desk, and wardrobe. The aim of task lighting is to provide sufficient light to enable you do your activities without straining.

It’s also important to have separate light stands on either side of the bed especially if you are sharing the bed. This will make it possible for each party to use the light on their side of bed without disrupting the other person. Even when you don’t share the bedroom with anyone, it is still important to have lighting in both sides of the bed. Sometimes, you may feel like reading from the opposite side of the bed. This would be impossible without lighting on that end. Ensure that the closet and drawers are well illuminated too so that you can quickly find clothes and other items. Often, this will mean fixing a light at the top of the closet or drawer chest.

To create a relaxing ambience, have a set of accent lights cast a glow on a specific part of the room or on the entire room. Colored light bulbs are another great way to incorporate decorative lighting in the bedroom. Their effect is just as magnificent as that of accent lighting. Try as much as possible to avoid lights that cast shadows in the room or lamp shades that cast huge shadows.

Proper bedroom lighting makes it easy to use the bedroom at all times. It provides enough lighting to carry location specific tasks in the bedroom such as reading and dressing, and can be manipulated to create a specific ambient decor.

April 20, 2017