Boys Bedroom Ideas

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Getting the boys’ room to look captivating isn’t any different than furnishing the girls’ room. Except it doesn’t require all the fancy stuff girls are found of. Of course unless your son is an exception and doesn’t mind all the pretty decor. The best inspiration to get your boys’ bedroom looking fabulous lies in looking at their collection. This will give you a starting point as to what they like. Only be ready to negotiate compromises because unless they are an exception, their tastes are likely to be different and a stark contrast to each other’s.

That said, get the basics out of the way. This includes the walls, floor coverings, and window dressing. When it’s more than one boy sharing the room, you can make the rules about the walls – paint color or wallpaper to be used. If one of then couldn’t care less what is done to the walls, you’re in luck because then, you can go with the remaining boy’s liking. Three or more boys and there’s bound to be a clash so let them know they can choose their furnishings and accents but the final design on the main works lies with you. If your boys are younger, they won’t be in a position to choose what they want so engage your creative side and create a little man cave you’re proud to show off to your friends. The traditional color used for boys’ rooms and items is blue but it’s not the only color you can use. If it’s a favorite in your home, pick any shade of blue and run with it. If it isn’t, choose any color that interests your boys. It can be warm or cool. When you only have one boy in the bedroom, it becomes pretty easy to choose their room colors. Identify their favorite colors and use smatterings of these all through the decorating stages.

When space is a challenge, you need to adopt bedroom ideas that make the best of the available space. Use a bunk bed to save on floor space. If the bedroom is large enough for two beds of twin beds, you can arrange them in such a way that they do not consume too much floor space, leaving little for other furniture. Own way to do this is by placing the beds side by side. This works if the room is wide. If it’s narrow, consider placing the beds foot to foot. This second arrangement gives a small level of freedom to siblings who like having their space which they can get by staying at he furthest end of the bed. When you really want to spare plenty of floor space for other activities other than sleeping, consider carving a hole in the wall. Depending on how much space you can get, the newly created space can house the bed, closet or shelving and cabinets. Provide sufficient lighting to make it easy to use. Adding accent lighting will cast a magnificent glow to this area at night, turning the boys’ bedroom into a magical space.

Try out a few of these boys’ bedroom ideas to see which one works for your space. You can add to the basic idea for an even more individual look or use them for extra inspiration to try out a new look.

April 20, 2017