Bunk Bed Dubai

Is your children's room beginning to look like a little warehouse? When more than one child share a room, it's not unusual for the room to look disorganized and cluttered. It gets harder when you try to fit in a bed for each child and still save enough space for all the other furniture and bedroom basics. A bunk bed is a ready solution to the space problem in any kid's room. Plan to buy one instead of single beds for every child and it will make planning their bedroom so much easier. You can find bunk beds in every major furniture store selling kids' furniture in Dubai.

As with buying any other type of children's furniture, always ensure that the bunk bed is a safe place for your child to sleep in. It should be well constructed and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the child plus a few others. Many of the major children's furniture manufacturers are highly regulated and have to meet thorough manufacturing standards touching on quality. As such, when buying a bunk bed from them, you can be sure that it meets the stipulated stability threshold. But it won't hurt to feel the bed and shake it about to gauge how sturdy it feels. Also check what weight it can hold. This is indicated by the manufacturer and will help you judge whether a certain bed is right for your child given their age and weight. Overall though, the average bunk bed can be comfortably used by two to four children without risk of breaking.

Most bunk beds sold in Dubai are made from timber/wood or iron. Both are among the strongest materials in the furniture industry and have a lengthy shelf life. Additional treatments are done to strengthen them and offer resistance to substances like moisture, mold and rust. A top layer of finish helps the bed stay clean and makes it easy to care for. Maintenance and care routines are normally included in the user guide when buying so be sure to read through for a comprehensive guideline on how to clean the bed and know what to do in case repairs are needed.

The bunk bed should have a ladder or stairway to make it easy to access the upper bunk. This ladder should be well constructed, sturdy and strong enough to the support the child's weight as they climb up and down the bed. It should also be the right size-not too narrow or with the rungs too far apart as to present difficulties in use. For smaller children, secure the upper bank with rails all around to prevent accidental falls either during sleep or when the children are playing on the bed.

The main stores selling kids furniture in Dubai stock bunk beds. These include IKEA, Pottery Barn, Pomme Kids, Indigo Living, Cilek, and Kidz Inc. You may also request your local furniture craftsman to custom make a bunk bed for you. Just ensure that it meets the safety measures outlined above for a pleasurable time using the bed.

Bunk bed, originally considered as a space saver, has become a life of any kids’ room. It looks cool and very fun to sleep on. Furniture stores in Dubai are offering an extensive selection of bunk beds, made from the finest of hardwood and metal. Plus they are designed very modernly with many fancy colors, which ensure that any kid would love it right from the first sight.


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