Searching for furniture that your child can connect with can be a frustrating experience at times. When you keep getting furniture that doesn’t look anything like what you want for your young one in store after store, you can quickly lose hope of ever finding good furniture. In Dubai, one store exists that makes it easy to give your child the best furniture you can afford. The store is Pomme Kids and it is everything your baby wants. You only have to decide what designs will captivate your baby and soak your energy in the Pomme catalogue to find furniture that delivers this design.

What makes Pomme Kids so special is the fact that they hand make each and every one of their furniture. The beds, chairs, stools, play items and everything in between are all hand woven from scratch. This guarantees a unique look that is exclusive and impossible to find in any other store. Pomme’s furniture is made from solid wood and bears a distinct high quality. To give their creations added strength and improve their durability, the company gives their wooden raw materials a boost through various treatments. This ensures that the resulting furniture is strong, hardy, and can withstand heavy use without falling apart.

Pomme Kids has an extensive variety of kids’ furniture in stock at all times. You can place your order for any of the items showcased in the store, which will be delivered immediately – couple of days max. The other alternative, and which works best for people who like to have really unique furniture, is to place a custom order for a design of your choice. Making the furniture takes between three and four weeks, after which you can pick the item from Pomme’s premises. Or they can deliver it to your address. Choose the most convenient option for you. The whole process from making the order to delivery is simple and efficient. For custom orders, you’ll need to deposit half the payment in order for the artisans to begin working on your product. The remaining half is paid on delivery, an arrangement that works well for all parties involved.

Some of the specific items you can buy at Pomme’s are cribs and cots, changing tables, kids’ beds – which come in a broad variety and include twin beds, bunk beds, trundle beds, and more; storage units, desks and chairs, computer desks, feeding chairs, play items, kids’ stools, and many more items. You can view part of their entire on their website, where you can also make enquiries regarding any of their products. Should you buy an item and realize that it does not match the decor in your kids’ room, Pomme gives you the option of returning the product either for exchange with another or for a refund. The offer remains valid for the first seven days after purchase so don’t feel like you have to stay stuck with an item that isn’t what you really want.

Take advantage of the handmade kids’ furniture at Pomme’s to give your child a unique looking bedroom. Pomme’s products are made to superior quality standard using solid wood for guaranteed long life and efficiency.

Pomme Kids is one of the fastest growing and emerging kids’ furniture brands in Dubai that specializes in designing and crafting handmade furnishings in shapes like star, crown, car, heart, butterfly and plane to cater to the imaginative world of tiny tots. Its colorful and magical collection is carefully designed so it matches with various interiors and not only looks stunning but is functional as well.

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