Girls Bedroom Designs

The idea of decorating the girls’ room is exciting for any mom. Girls like fancy patterns, frilly things and generally colorful designs that are playful and pretty. There are exceptions of course, and some girls have no liking for cute pink hues and other barbie doll character inspired designs. On the whole though, aim to get the room as colorful and beautiful as possible when decorating for girls, unless your girl is old enough to articulate her preferences. There are several girls’ bedroom ideas that you can get decorating inspiration from. Alter them anyway you like for a fully custom look that your girls will fall in love with.

Bedrooms are also playgrounds. Separate the girls sleeping area from the playground using color codes. Have one color scheme for the bed and surrounding area and a separate color scheme for the play area. This sets a clear demarcation that helps them feel as if they are in a world of their own when playing. If you have a stairway leading into the bedroom, turn the space beneath the stairs into your little girl’s home of play. Or if there is an attic above the ceiling, why not convert it into a playground? A ladder or stairs up to the attic is all you need to access this soon-to-be-sacred space. Ensure that it is well lit to add to its warmth and charm.

Does your girls’ bedroom have a bay window? Countertops, cabinets and shelving underneath the window are all it takes to transform this area into a study room, entertaining area, lounging area with the addition of a couch, or play zone. This area would work just as well with a regular window. Only regulate the lighting well using sheer curtains, drapes and shades so that the amount of direct sunlight filtrating into the room in summertime isn’t too much, and vice versa for the winter. Proper window treatments/dressing will also keep out draft and strong breeze in chillier weather. You can block off this area using wall to wall drapes so that she can just draw the curtains when done with her under-the-window activities.

Get creative with shelving. Wall storage allows you to keep as much or as little on display as you like. Customized shelves in different sizes are the best choice for keeping items of all sizes. Create an own design with the shelves where you mix them up instead of arranging them by size. The effect is artistic. You can also have a statement wall in a contrasting color or fill it up with art. If you enjoy redecorating the girls’ room every so often, opt for neutral colors on the walls. This gives you a wider choice of options when it comes to choosing furnishings and bedroom accessories.

Even though every girl is different, the girly preference when it comes to room decoration cuts across the larger cross section of young girls. Choose lovely patterns on curtains, bed linen, and floor rugs to add color to a room with plain walls. If your girl enjoys non-girly stuff, play around with different cool colors and abstract shapes for a different look.

April 20, 2017