Kids Room Dubai

For the great part, your child's bedroom is more than a sleeping area. It is also their main room, meaning it is their personal space and they get to do a lot more than just sleep here. As a result, the kids' bedroom tends to perform a multifunctional role - it is a playground of sorts, a study room, it's also the only major store room they have. All this comes with plenty of demand for space. To ensure that you are not caught off guard when furnishing your child's room, here is a run down of the kids' bedroom furniture you need to have in Dubai to meet your child's basic bedroom needs.

The most important furniture item to budget for is the bed. Kids' beds come in a wide variety of types and your choice is best influenced by the kid's age. Toddlers will be at home with a toddler bed, while older kids (school going age) are better off with twin beds or bunk beds. Even if you only have one kid in the room, consider getting a trundle bed because soon enough, they'll be having their little friends over for sleepovers and that will mean more sleeping space and a single bed simply won't handle them all. There are different types of beds for older kids, the most common ones being platform beds, loft beds, captain beds, storage beds, and canopy beds. You can decide whether to get your teenage child a twin bed or a full-size bed, a choice which will be largely influenced by their personality and preference because at this stage, they can have a say on how their room gets furnished. Ensure that all beds are sturdy enough to carry weight and withstand heavy use because the kids will be jumping on and doing all manner of things on them. If buying bunk beds or other high beds, ensure that functional ladders or stairways are installed. They should also have rails on the top bunk to keep the child from accidentally falling off the bed.

Next to beds, storage is the other thing likely to give you a headache. Kids own so much it's amazing how they are able to accumulate that much stuff after only a couple of years on planet earth. Luckily for you, there are plenty o clever storage options designed to take the clutter out of kids' rooms and make organization easy work. The obvious options you want to look at are storage beds, captain beds with their many drawers, and beds with underneath storage. A bulk of the kids' clothing, books, miscellaneous items, and even shoes goes here. Plan for wall storage in the form of shelving and wall cabinets. The best part about wall storage is that it can extend all the way to the ceiling. Use the lower shelves and cabinets to store items used regularly so that your child can quickly access then when needed. Upper shelves and cabinets can house items needed occasionally. Improvise storage solutions behind the door using racks, hooks and hanging baskets. The dresser and drawer chests can also hold more than clothes. Set aside one or two drawers where you can arrange some of your child's belongings. Fit a rail, hooks or small shelves inside the drawer where you can store smaller items.

When furnishing your child's room with kids' bedroom furniture, start with the essentials like beds and storage units. Then you can fill the room up with additional items like a study or computer desk and chair. You can get all these at the top kids furniture stores in Dubai.

Find a wide collection of beautiful kids’ furniture in Dubai! From bunk beds and chairs to little cupboards and desks, these items designed and crafted to be adorable. Kids furniture sets are available in large color variations that flatter sufficiently different requirements and preferences of both girls and boys.


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