Modern Bedroom Design

modern bedroom Dubai

To keep your bedroom cozy, stylish and inviting, you’ll have to work hard on your decorating and furnishing. Throwing in pieces of furniture and soft furnishings won’t do a thing to give you the delightful outlook you’d like to enjoy. Basing your decor on a modern bedroom design on the other hand ensures that you create a dazzling space where you can truly feel at home. Trending bedroom designs of the day pick up fast in Dubai, and you can easily find the accessories needed to implement that modern bedroom design you’ve long had your eye on. Decide how you want this look to turn out then go find the items you need to make it happen.

Modern bedroom design focuses on uniformity and comfort. When picking bedroom furniture, buying a set as opposed to stand alone units, will give you a more uniform look. To achieve a streamlined look using color, use varying shades of the same hue. If your main room color is green, you’ll get a more calming effect if you use a mix of light and darker shades of green in different surfaces. Mixing up the colors can result in a jumbled look that deviates from modern design. To incorporate a fun element in your color choices, choose soft prints and patterns. These add the softness that’s missing in plain colors and serve to make the bedroom more playful. It’s possible to use more than one pattern on different surfaces. To continue the look of uniformity, choose prints with the same base color. An example would be a yellow floral pattern on the wall and thin yellow stripes on your beddings.

Window dressing is a main focus in any modern bedroom design. The trend is to leave the window uncovered, especially if the view outside is spectacular. If this makes the room feel too open, consider fixing drapes on the bedroom entrance. It’ll give the room a sense of privacy and minimize the feeling of exposure. Install floor-to-ceiling curtains. A design that looks especially regal in large bedrooms, this simple strategy adds elegance and magnificence to the room. Make sure that the curtains match the rest of the room in color for a coordinated look.

When picking a modern bedroom design, go for the idea that explains who you are without you trying too hard because at the end of the day, you want a look you can identify with and not feel like a stranger in your own house. Look around furniture outlets and home furnishing stores to pick designs that you can use in your bedroom, your kids’ bedroom or the guest bedroom. Most of the basic designs can be tweaked for a more personalized look so don’t be afraid to change some things.

A modern bedroom design will give you the contemporary look of elegance that adds charm to the bedroom. Choose furniture, colors, and textures that are close in feel and appearance for a streamlined look. You can get the accessories needed to infuse a modern design in your bedroom in most home furnishing stores in Dubai.

April 20, 2017