Shopping For Kids Beds in Dubai

kids beds Dubai

Your children will require three or four beds as they transition from babies to toddlers, then to teenagers and finally to adults. Shopping for kids’ beds is always a fun time, and the variety in the market does not disappoint. Make your kids happy by getting them their dream beds, whatever their preference. They’ll enjoy picking from the hundreds of kids’ bed designs in Dubai. But if the exact design of bed they want isn’t on offer, get them the closest design to what they wanted. Most kids want beds framed in the shape of their favorite character. And knowing this, kids’ bed manufacturers ensure that there is an a abundance of toon and super hero character inspired designs for everyone.

The top places to find kids’ beds in Dubai are Pottery Barn Kids, Pomme Kids Furniture, IKEA, Toys R Us, Cilek Dubai, and Kidz Inc. All these stores have beds for every age, so its very easy to find the right bed for your child, whether they’re just graduating from their crib, are pre-schoolers, are about to hit the teenage years or are already teens. Check department stores in large shopping malls as these also carry furniture collections and often have cool beds for kids. The most common types of beds for kids in Dubai are toddler beds, loft and bunk beds, mid sleepers, high sleepers, twin beds, cabin beds, platform beds, canopy beds, divan beds, and trundle beds.

Toddler beds are built for a growing child up to three or four years. Most modern cribs are built to transition into toddler beds as the child grows. If you have one of these, you don’t need to buy a separate toddler bed. If you are shopping for a crib for your newly born baby, opt for a model that gives this transition benefit so that you don’t have to buy a other bed in a year. Bunk beds are the most practical and highest selling of the batch. Very ideal for the growing family, the bunk bed is a wonderful space saver and comes bundled with multiple storage options. Mid sleeper beds are raised a few meters from the ground, with the space under the bed deliberately created for storage or play. High sleeper beds or loft beds are similar to bunk beds, just without the lower bunk. The space below the bunk, where the lower bed could have been, can then be used as storage, seating or study area and may come with desk options.

Twin beds come in pairs and are an excellent choice for shared bedrooms. Cabin beds and storage beds bear a lot of similarity. Typically smaller than regular beds, the cabin bed compensates for this shortage by having multiple storage drawers underneath. The platform bed is sturdy and quite versatile in that it can be used in any decor theme. Canopy beds are very stylish because of their curvy shape and are perfect for girls. Divan beds come with a base and mattress, and options for storage beneath. Trundle beds come with a pull out / hidden bed / mattress that saves the day when more sleeping space is needed.

Visit your favorite kids’ store in Dubai to choose from the tens of kids beds in stock. All the above types of beds come in various designs, sizes, and colors. You’ll have fun choosing beds for your little ones.

April 20, 2017