Wallpapers For Kids Room

kids wallpaper Dubai

One of the most exciting aspects about decorating kids’ bedrooms is the massive variety in furnishings and accessories that brighten up the room and bring just about any theme to life. Kids’ bedroom wallpaper is one of the most versatile types of furnishing that you can adopt. Not only does it come in myriad designs and types, it can also be used in a number of ways to create impressive decor styles. There are many stores dealing in wallpaper in Dubai. All carry a selection of exciting kids’ bedroom wallpaper worth checking out.

As mentioned, wallpaper comes in a number of types: solid vinyl, vinyl coated, coated fabric, and paper. The first three are very ideal for use in kids’ bedrooms, while the last one, being the least durable and susceptible to damage from rough handling and moisture, isn’t a good candidate for a kids’ room. Bear in this in mind as you buy wallpaper for your kids’ room. Of the three preferable types of wallpaper, solid vinyl wallpaper is the most durable and the easiest to clean/maintain. Its only downside is that it is rather difficult to strip off. Consider it therefore, when you are sure you’ll want to keep it on the wall for a long time. Fabric wallpaper is also durable and colorful. Just remember to wash gently to avoid damaging it. Vinyl coated wallpaper is the most appropriate type for a lot of people because though not as strong as solid vinyl, it is sufficiently durable and very easy to clean as well. Best of all, it’s easy to strip off the wall without damaging the wall surface beneath it.

When choosing wallpaper for your kids’ bedroom, patterns and colors are a major determining factor of which wallpaper to choose. Bright colors are great, but be careful that the effect of the wallpaper in the room is not too stimulating. This may make it difficult for your kids to fall asleep when you need them to. If there is a particularly bright pattern that you like, you can opt to have it on one wall instead of all four walls. This will keep the look interesting without being overwhelming. The range of wallpaper designs is huge, and includes cartoon character designs, sports themes, abstract themes, and nature themes, all which are popular with kids. Less definitive designs and colors are also available. Go for these if they are what your child would rather have.

Put wallpaper on all walls of the room, cover only one wall, cover only sections of the wall using wallpaper murals or wallpaper cutouts, or use wallpaper borders, which come in the form of stripes and are applied at the top of the wall. You can also cover the headboard if your kid ‘s bed in wallpaper for an ultra cool look.

Once you decide how exactly to use wallpaper in your kids’ bedroom, head over to these stores to choose your design: Wall Cravings, Sana Decoration, Takiwall, Avenue Interior, Laura Ashley, Carrefour, Dragonmart, Lulu Hypermart, Home Center, Ace Hardware for their Fun To See collection, Pottery Barn Kids, Dubai Interiors, Toys R Us, and IKEA. These are among the top suppliers of kids’ bedroom wallpaper in Dubai.

April 20, 2017