School Furniture Dubai

Dubai furniture industry has paid special attention in manufacturing, designing, and supplying school furniture that are affordable and education enhancing. Whether you are looking for a diverse product selection for the entire school or only to equip a classroom, these listed providers will have everything offer from school desk, chairs, portable rooms, to other advanced AV equipments.


Mahmayi School Furniture

Few wouldn’t recognize the name of Mahmayi; they are a leader in the furniture industry of Dubai. Their collection is very beautiful and huge, which includes a large selection of school furniture. From folding and student chair ...

Highmoon Educational Furniture

Highmoon offers many different types of furniture items in large varieties; and this has made them a much-loved supplier in the market of Dubai. They offer an extensive collection of education furniture, in different shapes and s...

ABC School Furniture

ABC is a recognized name in the furniture industry of Dubai, whose collection of education furniture has simply no match. It includes many different types of furniture options, like for classroom, library, nursery and lecture hall...

Nasco School Furniture

To make a beautiful school one needs beautiful school furniture. Nasco, a furniture business in Dubai, houses some of the best looking education furniture. These chairs and tables are not only very comfortable and convenient, but ...